Robotic Urologic Surgery

Robot-assisted surgery for prostate, kidney and bladder conditions

Two doctors talk while walking in a sunny corridor, representing collaborative robotic urologic surgery at Scripps.

Drs. Carol Salem and Mark-Rally Pe, Urology, Scripps Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Program

Robot-assisted surgery for prostate, kidney and bladder conditions

If you or a loved one needs urologic surgery, you’ll find the latest minimally invasive options at Scripps. We offer robotic surgery to treat prostate cancer, kidney tumors and other medical conditions that harm the urinary tract or male reproductive system.

Robotic urologic procedures from top San Diego surgeons

It’s natural to feel worried if you have a serious urologic condition. And it can feel especially alarming to find out you need surgery to treat it. But you can take comfort knowing Scripps offers robot-assisted procedures that may cause less pain, fewer complications and a quicker recovery. 

And our robotic surgeons are some of the most experienced in San Diego. They’ve treated thousands of patients with challenging, and even life-threatening, urologic disorders.