Updates on COVID-19 (including visitor restrictions and mask requirements), monkeypox and flu. See Communicable Disease Updates

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Should I keep my scheduled doctor’s appointment?

Scripps physicians and providers are available, both virtually and in-person, to address your medical needs.

Want to see a Scripps health care provider without a trip to the doctor’s office? Video visits may be an option for minor illnesses and injuries, as well as follow-up visits and consultations that don’t require an in-person physical exam with a primary care provider or specialist. Video Visits are available for patients who have the MyScripps app on their desktop, smartphone or tablet. 

Some conditions — such as diabetes, cardiac or neurological issues, or pre- and post-natal care and pediatrics — may still require a visit to your doctor’s office. 

It’s important that you keep these essential visits with your physician and don’t put them off. Rest assured, our doctors and facilities are taking the necessary precautions to make it safe for you to receive the care you need, when you need it.

Are waiting rooms safe?

At Scripps, procedures and protocols to ensure safety for everyone who enters Scripps facilities include:

  • Curbside check-in through the MyScripps mobile app
  • Screening for everyone entering a facility
  • Isolating patients with coronavirus symptoms, including a dedicated entrance
  • Maintaining enhanced visitor restrictions at all our clinics and hospitals
  • Requiring all physicians, staff members, patients and visitors to wear face coverings
  • Rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols for all facilities and equipment

Do I need to wear a mask at Scripps?

Masks are still required at all Scripps facilities, even if you’re fully vaccinated. Patients and everyone else entering Scripps hospitals and clinics should bring their own medical-grade masks — such as a surgical mask or N95 mask — with them to help prevent transmission from infected individuals who may or may not have symptoms of COVID-19. Cloth masks, gaiters and masks with small plastic valves embedded in the front will not be permitted. 

Can I bring someone with me to the clinic or hospital?

Due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, Scripps has tightened its visitor restrictions.

Our hospital locations now allow one visitor per patient, per day, in most cases. All visitors will still be screened prior to hospital entry and must provide proof of COVID vaccination or a negative PRC or antigen COVID test within 48 hours of the date of the visit.

One visitor and one minor will be allowed for each patient at our ambulatory and urgent care locations. 

These restrictions will continue to evolve over time depending on our response to public health recommendations. Again, we are doing this to protect the health and safety of our patients, staff, clinicians and community. Thank you for your understanding.

Please visit our Visiting Hours page for specific details regarding our updated visitor restrictions. 

How can I talk to loved ones who are in the hospital?

While we are easing visitor restrictions, the number of support people a patient can have with them is necessarily still very limited. So, if your family member or friend is staying in a Scripps hospital, an alternative to being there in person is reaching out to them through telephone or video chat. Using electronic methods to communicate with a patient and limiting visitor-to-patient contact is an important part of our visitor restriction process during this COVID-19 response period. Scripps is making iPads available to patients in our hospitals, so you can remain connected to loved ones.

Which Scripps locations remain closed?

Scripps has temporarily closed some Scripps HealthExpress facilities and has changed hours of operation in other select locations to give us more flexibility in how we staff all our clinics and hospitals during the pandemic.

The following Scripps HealthExpress sites remain temporarily closed:

  • Scripps HealthExpress Vista
  • Scripps HealthExpress Solana Beach

All other Scripps HealthExpress sites will remain open daily for in-person visits. Scripps HealthExpress on-demand Video Visits are still available Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 8:30 pm, and weekends from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Have classes and support groups been cancelled due to coronavirus?

Most of our Scripps on-site classes and support groups have been suspended. Online classes will continue as normal, and we have expanded our offering of virtual classes. We look forward to connecting online and ensuring you are receiving the education and support you need for your health journey.