COVID Update: Masks are still required in health care settings, even if you’re fully vaccinated. Read our FAQs.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Should I keep my scheduled doctor’s appointment?

As we continue to treat COVID-19 patients, please know that our doctors are still here, both virtually and in-person, to address your medical needs.

Some conditions — such as diabetes, cardiac or neurological issues, or pre- and post-natal care and pediatrics — may still require a visit to your doctor’s office. 

It’s important that you keep these essential visits with your physician and don’t put them off. Rest assured, our doctors and facilities are taking the necessary precautions to make it safe for you to receive the care you need, when you need it.

Are waiting rooms safe?

At Scripps, procedures and protocols to ensure safety for everyone who enters Scripps facilities include:

  • Curbside check-in through the MyScripps mobile app
  • Screening for everyone entering a facility
  • Isolating patients with coronavirus symptoms, including a dedicated entrance
  • Maintaining enhanced visitor restrictions at all our clinics and hospitals
  • Requiring all physicians, staff members, patients and visitors to wear face coverings
  • Rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols for all facilities and equipment

Do I need to wear a mask at Scripps?

Patients and everyone else entering Scripps hospitals and clinics should bring their own masks or face coverings with them to help prevent transmission from infected individuals who may or may not have symptoms of COVID-19. If you do not have a face covering, you will not be allowed entrance into our facilities. Masks with small plastic valves will not be permitted. While they protect the wearer, they do not protect others. Neck gaiters, which can be pulled over the mouth and nose as needed, are also not allowed.

Can I bring someone with me to the clinic?

A newly modified patient-visitation policy is in effect at Scripps hospitals and clinics. One support person is allowed per patient per day. Support people may be limited or asked to wait in the car until the appointment time if space is limited due to physical distancing requirements.

Can I visit someone in the hospital?

A newly modified patient-visitation policy is in effect at Scripps hospitals and clinics. Non COVID-19 patients may now have limited number of support people with them. However, it is critical that we protect vulnerable patients, as well as our patients, staff, clinicians and community. Please visit our Visiting Hours page for specific details regarding our updated visitor restrictions. 

How can I talk to loved ones who are in the hospital?

While we are easing visitor restrictions, the number of support people a patient can have with them is necessarily still very limited. So, if your family member or friend is staying in a Scripps hospital, an alternative to being there in person is reaching out to them through telephone or video chat. Using electronic methods to communicate with a patient and limiting visitor-to-patient contact is an important part of our visitor restriction process during this COVID-19 response period. Scripps is making iPads available to patients in our hospitals, so you can remain connected to loved ones.

Which Scripps locations remain closed?

Scripps has temporarily closed some Scripps HealthExpress facilities and has changed hours of operation in other select locations to give us more flexibility in how we staff all our clinics and hospitals during the pandemic.. Physicians and staff are being redirected to other Scripps locations where they are needed most. 

The following Scripps HealthExpress sites remain temporarily closed:

  • Scripps HealthExpress Solana Beach
  • Scripps HealthExpress Vista
  • Scripps HealthExpress Liberty Station
  • Scripps HealthExpress Torrey Pines
  • Scripps HealthExpress Carmel Valley Pediatrics
  • Scripps HealthExpress Rancho Bernardo for ages 5+ (pediatrics remains open) 

All other Scripps HealthExpress sites will remain open daily from 8 am to 5 pm for in-person visits. Scripps HealthExpress on-demand Video Visits are still available Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 8:30 pm, and weekends from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Have classes and support groups been cancelled due to coronavirus?

All of our Scripps on-site classes and support groups have been suspended. Online classes will continue as normal, and we have expanded our offering of virtual classes. We look forward to connecting online and ensuring you are receiving the education and support you need for your health journey.

What other services have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

Scripps has closed all gift shops, gyms and related services, and seated dining has been closed within Colors Cafés.

We have also suspended the work of our volunteers at Scripps facilities for their own health and safety, and are asking them not to report to work until further notice. However, volunteers are needed to help staff the Scripps Del Mar Fairgrounds Vaccination Super Station.