Schedule your COVID-19 vaccine wherever possible. Please do not call your doctor as they cannot schedule an appointment for you. Learn more.

Updated March 26, 2021 — Scripps Health is continuing second dose appointments for those who received their first dose with us — and only those with an appointment will receive the vaccine. We are currently not receiving an adequate or consistent supply of COVID-19 vaccines for first dose appointments. Until we do, we encourage you to get your vaccine wherever possible. Please visit or for vaccine availability in San Diego. Please do not call your physician’s office or our nurse line, as they cannot schedule COVID-19 vaccines for you. We will continue to update you as we receive more information.

Vaccine tiers

At Scripps, we’re following government guidance in how we administer vaccines. Learn more about the vaccines, their potential side effects, and how the government is asking us to prioritize distribution.

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The science behind COVID vaccines

The science behind COVID vaccines

  • mRNA vaccines — Vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are mRNA vaccines, a new approach to vaccinations. Johnson & Johnson is a viral vector vaccine
  • Vaccine safety — The FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorizations for three COVID-19 vaccines, which have been shown to be safe and effective.
  • Vaccine dosage — The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are administered in two doses, with the second shot given three to four weeks respectively after the first. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a single dose; however, Scripps has paused the use of this vaccine pending further investigation by the FDA and CDC.
  • What to expectSide effects include fever, body aches and fatigue. These minor reactions mean your immune system is working.
  • Vaccinations in the US — See how many total doses have been administered so far.

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