Teen Cardiac Arrest Screening

Free Heart Screening for Teens 13 - 19

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Free Heart Screening for Teens 13 - 19

Scripps Health and EP Save a Life Foundation invite parents to bring their teens to a free screening to see if their child is at risk for sudden cardiac arrest.

Teens ages 13-19 are eligible for this completely non-invasive (no needles or x-ray exposure) and painless heart screening. Each screening takes about a half hour to complete a health history, EKG and echocardiogram if indicated.

About sudden cardiac arrest

Thousands of kids die each year when their heart unexpectedly stops due to an underlying condition that can often be detected with a simple EKG, but EKGs are not a part of a child’s well-child or pre-sports exam.

Known as Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), this condition causes three to five deaths in San Diego each year, often striking without prior symptoms or warning signs. But most people are not aware of SCA, even though it’s the number two killer of youth under 25.

The EP Save a Life Foundation has screened more than 9,000 teens throughout San Diego, finding more than 90 at risk for SCA — several had life-saving corrective surgeries. For more information, visit EPSaveALife.org.

You can also download an information packet:

Parent screening packet—English (PDF, 110 KB)
Parent screening packet—Spanish (PDF, 100 KB)

Have your teen screened. You could save a life.

This is a FREE event. Parking is complimentary.

Scripps Mercy Hospital
4077 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
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Sun, Feb 9th, 2014 - Sun, Feb 9th, 2014 9 am - 3 pm Free