Technical Support for Virtual Events

How to join a Scripps webinar, online class or virtual meeting

How to join a Scripps webinar, online class or virtual meeting

The virtual events offered through Scripps Health are a great way to learn about health topics and connect with others in the comfort of your home. You can interact with experts and your peers to get the answers and encouragement you need on your health journey. 

A virtual event is a presentation, workshop or meeting held via the internet in real-time. These are sometimes called webinars (short for “web seminar”) or online classes.

We use the Microsoft Teams platform to host these virtual events — with your safety and security in mind. Here’s what you need to know about using Microsoft Teams to join a session with us.

Recommended tips for the best experience

  • Download and install Microsoft Teams. This gives you the best meeting experience. See below for instructions.
  • If you prefer to join via the web, please use a computer with a modern browser (such as Edge or Chrome) to enhance the quality of the event. View compatible browsers.
  • Join from a quiet, comfortable space.
  • Use a headset, earbuds or headphones for the best sound quality.
  • Be sure the speakers on your computer or phone are working and the volume is turned up.
  • Allow yourself extra time to set up, if this is your first virtual event with us.

How to join the webinar, class or meeting

After you sign up for a webinar, online class or virtual meeting with Scripps, you will receive a confirmation email with the event details and a link to join. 

You can follow the steps below. You can also watch a tutorial video from Microsoft to see the login process.

These instructions are also available in PDF versions, with screenshots, that you can save for reference:


To help ensure your virtual event is successful and enjoyable, we have answered some common questions. For other questions, please contact the meeting organizer. Please note, the meeting organizer might not be available once the virtual event has started.