The San Diego Trauma System Presents 'The Truth About Trauma'

This year, San Diego Trauma System celebrated 25 years of helping patients through their most devastating moments and paving the way for some of their biggest triumphs. To commemorate their service to the community, the video “The Truth About Trauma” showcases the history of the trauma system in San Diego County over the past 25 years.

The Truth About Trauma: Introduction

Host and narrator Carol LeBeau takes a look back at the history of the San Diego Trauma System and explains how it works.

The Truth About Trauma: Survivor Story

In this video, trauma survivor Hollis Cameron retells the story of a high school prank that went terribly wrong. The San Diego Trauma system acted quickly to prevent permanent paralysis.

The Truth About Trauma: [[Scripps Mercy Hospital|l:21]] Survivor Story

In this video, the parents of Michael Hanson were told that he would remain in a vegetative state following a devastating car accident. With the help of the San Diego Trauma Team, Hanson is making a “miraculous” recovery.

“The Truth About Trauma” is a 28-minute video tribute to San Diego’s Trauma System and airs regularly on the San Diego County Television Network (Cox: channels 19 and 24, and Time-Warner: channel 24). For upcoming air dates and times, visit the San Diego County Television Network.

Media Contact: Lisa Ohmstede
Phone: 858-626-7142

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