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Scripps Health News, Press Releases, Wellness Tips and More

Learn more about Scripps Health in San Diego through our news center. Using the filters below, you can find news releases, wellness articles, patient stories, health tips from our physicians and highlights of recent media coverage.

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Scripps in the News | January 24, 2023 12am

NBC 7 Reports on National Decline in Cancer Death Rates

NBC 7 News recently interviewed Dr. Thomas Buchholz, Medical Director at Scripps MD Anderson, to learn what factors are driving the positive trend.
Scripps in the News | January 20, 2023 12am

Scripps Cardiologist Featured in Heart Valve Replacement Story

Curtiss Stinis, MD, was first in San Diego to implant a new experimental heart device in a patient. Learn more from the nationally televised feature.
Scripps in the News | January 16, 2023 12am

Newborn Triplets Bring Three Times the Joy for Local Family

CBS 8 News recently covered an inspiring story of a local family who welcomed triplets after 12 years of trying to start a family.
Scripps in the News | January 12, 2023 12am

Scripps Expert Discusses Improved Care for High-Risk Pregnancies

Sean Daneshmand, MD, Perinatologist at Scripps Clinic discusses in an ABC12 interview how to improve care for complex pregnancies.
Scripps in the News | January 6, 2023 12am

Scripps MD Offers Advice On Altitude Sickness

Mark Shulauta, MD, a Scripps Clinic family medicine physician offers advice on altitude sickness in a CBS 8 interview.
Scripps in the News | December 16, 2022 12am

Scripps Expert Discusses Tips for Better Sleeping on KPBS

Scripps expert talks to KPBS about tips for better sleep from healthy sleep habits to behaviors that can negatively affect sleep.
Scripps in the News | November 30, 2022 12am

News Spotlight: Scripps Hospitals Serve Up Traditional Meal for Thanksgiving

Food and Nutrition Services served several thousand patients and employees on the holiday.
Scripps in the News | November 28, 2022 12am

News Spotlight: Scripps MD Anderson Doctor Wins Tennis Championship

Brendan Gaylis, MD, of Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center won the World Medical Tennis Society’s annual tennis competition. Learn how tennis inspires him.
Scripps in the News | November 18, 2022 12am

Scripps Diabetes Researcher Presents Weekly Insulin Study Results

Athena Philis-Tsimikas, MD, presented encouraging clinical trial results on long-acting insulin compared to a more typical one-a-day insulin shot.
Scripps in the News | October 11, 2022 12am

Young Breast Cancer Patient Shares Story with NBC 7 News

Sarah Cocker-Scott knows the impact of breast cancer firsthand after being diagnosed at age 31. Learn more about her story and key message.