The Savvy Patient - Expecting a Baby? Here are Some Issues You’ll Want to Address

In this week’s installment of The San Diego Union-Tribune’s “Savvy Patient” column, Scripps Health provides insight on common questions to answer before giving birth.

Having a baby is a major milestone in any parent’s life, but it’s also a time filled with questions and concerns. Anticipating key questions and arriving at practical solutions before the birth can help make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful for all.

Before the delivery date arrives, parents should consider answering some of these common questions, including:

  • Determine a preferred birth plan, or method of delivery
  • Create a checklist and/or pack a bag with items for the hospital
  • Schedule time for visitors to welcome the new baby at the hospital or set aside time once mom and baby are home
  • Decide whether to breast feed or use formula
  • Agree on sleeping arrangements

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