"The Colbert Report" Features Dr. Eric Topol, Digital Medicine

Advances in health technology demonstrated on hit show

Scripps Health Chief Academic Officer Eric Topol, MD, combined light-hearted humor with serious exchanges about digital health technology and the future of medicine during a guest appearance on Comedy Central’s hit program “The Colbert Report.”

The cardiologist and genomics researcher demonstrated a number of wireless health devices on the show’s host, Stephen Colbert.

A longtime fan of the show, Dr. Topol told the UT San Diego last year that one of his biggest dreams was to appear on the program.

Dr. Topol is the author of the book “The Creative Destruction of Medicine,” which explores how the convergence of genetic testing, wireless technology, online social networks, and cloud and super computing is transforming the delivery of health care services, lowering the cost of medicine and personalizing the treatment of illness.

Watch the interview at The Colbert Report.

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