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Scripps Digital Medicine Director on Studying Mobile Health Technology

One of the biggest challenges facing the fast-emerging mobile health (mHealth) technology sector is the medical validation of the vast number of devices and apps now available to consumers.

The Scripps Translational Science Institute is playing a leading role in that effort by launching clinical trials such as the Wired for Health study.

Scripps Health’s director of digital medicine, Steven Steinhubl, MD, recently talked about those efforts with FierceMobileHealth.com.

“What we want to do is go to the next step and say, ‘OK, how does having such a tool . . . fit into clinical care where you can increase patient convenience, keep them healthier and decrease health care costs?’ That’s the kind of stuff that really excites us — showing that we can provide better care at less cost in the long run,” he said in the article.

Read the FierceMobileHealthCare.com article: Scripps’ Steven Steinhubl: Success in mHealth Requires ‘Hard Evidence’

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