Scripps Doctor Implants Tiny Heart Monitor in Man's Chest

New heart monitor device was inserted by a Scripps Cardiologist.

An out-of-sync heartbeat has sent retired funny car racer Chuck Beal to the hospital twice, but the 71-year-old speedster hopes that a tiny new heart monitor recently implanted in his chest will keep him home in the future.

Beal is among the first in the nation to have the device, called a Reveal Linq Insertable Cardiac Monitor, inserted under his skin by Scripps Clinic cardiologist John Rogers, MD.

Read more about the remarkable LINQ heart monitor in the KPBS article, "San Diego Man Receives World’s Smallest Implantable Heart Monitor."

The U-T San Diego article, "Scripps Doctor Implants Tiny Heart Monitor in Man’s Chest," is not available at this time.

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