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Smartphones Could Hold Key to Medicine's Future

Scripps physician tells hospital CFOs that health care is being revolutionized by the Internet and digital technology

Eric Topol, MD

Eric Topol, MD

What does the Uber smartphone app have to do with medicine?

Everything, according to Scripps Health Chief Academic Officer Eric Topol, MD.

Just as Uber and other ridesharing services have upended the taxi business in cities across the globe, smartphone-based wireless health apps and devices are poised to revolutionize the way patients interact with their health care providers and receive medical services.

Dr. Topol delivered that message to the CFO Exchange, a meeting of leading hospital chief financial officers, according to a recent article by HealthLeaders, the online news outlet that sponsored the gathering.

“Everything else is on demand,” he told the group. “Your groceries can be delivered to your door within an hour, and so can your healthcare.”

Read the HealthLeaders article: CFO Exchange: Smartphones Poised to Disrupt Healthcare, Says Topol

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