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Scripps Expert Joins AMA's Call for EHR Overhaul

Digital medicine director says interoperability needed with wireless health, telehealth technologies

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The American Medical Association has called for the government and the health IT industry to make electronic medical record (EMR) systems more user friendly for physicians and better aligned with delivering high-quality patient care.

“Physicians believe it is a national imperative to re-frame policy around the desired future capabilities of this technology and emphasize clinical care improvements as the primary focus,” AMA President-elect Steven J. Stack, MD, said in a news release from the influential organization.

Scripps Health director of digital medicine, Steven Steinhubl, MD, weighed in on the proposition as a member of the AMA’s Advisory Committe on EHR Physician Usability.

“Given the rapid growth of digital technology in health care, whether for health and wellness, or the management of chronic illness, a comprehensive health information technology strategy must include interoperability between a patient’s mobile technology, telehealth technology and the electronic health record,” he said.

Read the AMA news release: AMA Calls for Design Overhaul of Electronic Health Records to Improve Usability

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