Radio Program Features Scripps Patient Who Cracked Link Between Illnesses

Kim Goodsell tells the "Growing Bolder" show how years of research led to her breakthrough

Scripps Health patient, Kim Goodsell, discovers a connection of her medical conditions through genetic testing.

Kim Goodsell isn’t your ordinary patient.

After dealing with two rare medical conditions for years, the Carlsbad woman and Scripps Health patient was convinced the illnesses were somehow related even though her specialists from around the country had never made a connection.

Dogged research eventually led her to a mutation of a single gene that appeared to be the “unifying theory” for her disease combination. A genetic test proved her theory correct.

“Information is power,” Goodsell told the “Growing Bolder” audience during a recent broadcast of the radio program. “We are living in a digital age and there is a democratization of information.”

Listen to the interview: Growing Bolder: Kim Goodsell

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