Scripps Cardiologist Takes Wireless Health Technology to Uganda

Dr. Sanjeev Bhavnani used the latest in mobile health technology to examine and diagnose patients in a remote African village

Scripps Clinic cardiologist Dr. Bhavnani uses Mobile Health (mHealth) in Uganda. Wireless mHealth technology holds great promise in the undeveloped world.

Wireless health technology holds great promise in the undeveloped world, where people living in remote locations often have trouble accessing even the most basic health care services.

Scripps Clinic cardiologist Sanjeev Bhavnani, MD, recently tested the effectiveness of a number of so-called mHealth devices as part of a pilot study and medical mission in rural Uganda.

He discussed the trip and the revolutionary change the technology could bring to developing nations in an article in the Top Doctors 2014 edition of San Diego Magazine.

“Now we have microscopes on our phone that can diagnose malaria outside of a lab, microscope and technician,” Dr. Bhavnani said. “You arm one person with the tool, and you’re able to treat hundreds.”

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