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No Layoffs Philosophy Works Even in an Unpredictable Economy

No layoffs at Scripps in CEO's 15 years at the helm

“The Front-Line Leader” book by Chris Van Gorder, CEO of Scripps Health in San Diego, California, is now available.  Notable book reviews were received on Chris’ philosophy of putting people first, his management tips,  and how he successfully implemented what he learned to build strong relationships and a strong organization.  Called the “Best New Leadership Book for 2014” by Eric Jacobson. CEO Chris Van Gorder now has a blog at: http://www.scripps.org/blogs/front-line-leader

Scripps President and CEO Chris Van Gorder shares in the Harvard Business Review blog how job security makes for healthier, more productive and loyal employees.

Van Gorder highlights three key practices that support this no-layoff philosophy:

  1. A preference for insiders
  2. Serious accountability
  3. Frontline connections

Read "A No-Layoffs Policy Can Work, Even In AN Unpredictable Economy"  in the Harvard Business Review blog.

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