High-Resolution Images of Prebys Opening

SPCI Hybrid Room 600×375

Hybrid operating room. Featuring both OR and leading-edge real-time procedural imaging technologies, these rooms can be used for catheterization procedures or surgeries. Download the high-resolution image.

SPCI Exterior 600×375

Prebys Cardiovascular Institute building exterior. Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass to give patient rooms abundant natural, healing light and a curved design that keeps caregivers nearby, the design of PCI is centered around patient needs. Download the high-resolution image.

SPCI Hi Res Patient Room 900×616

Patient room. Patient rooms feature a subdued color palette, which is proven to boost the healing process. They are also equipped with LCD televisions that can display clinical images, and pullout couches so family members can comfortably stay overnight. Download the high-resolution image.

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