Scripps Clinic First Site for New Study of Miniature Heart Monitor

Clinical trial evaluating implant of Reveal LINQ in doctor's office setting

Cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Feb. 19, the LINQ™ ICM from Medtronic is approximately one-third the size of an AAA battery.

Scripps Clinic cardiologist John Rogers, MD, recently became the first physician to implant the miniaturized Reveal LINQ cardiac monitor in an office setting as part of a new clinical trial of the device.

Until now the device has been implanted in hospital settings, such as an operating room, cardiac catheterization laboratory or electrophysiology laboratory, according to a MarketWatch report on the trial.

Read the MarketWatch article: Medtronic Initiates Study of ‘In-Office’ Insertion of Reveal LINQ Cardiac Monitor

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