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Scripps Implant of New Defibrillator Makes Headlines

John Rogers, MD, is first to implant MRI-friendly device in San Diego County

Evera MRI VR Scripps Health San Diego

The San Diego Business Journal and several other local media outlets reported on Scripps Health becoming the first health system in San Diego County to use the only implantable cardioverter defibrillator device approved for use with magnetic resonance imaging scans.

Scripps Clinic cardiologist John Rogers, MD, implanted the device in a patient just a week after the defibrillator was approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration.

Read the San Diego Business Journal article: Scripps in First Local Provider to Implant New Defibrillator That is Compatible With MRIs

The San Diego Metro article, "Scripps First in Region to Implant New Defibrillator Approved for Use With MRI Scans," is not available at this time.

Read the article: Scripps Becomes First Health Care Provider in San Diego County to Implant Evera MRI SureScan ICD System

An article by the San Diego Daily Transcript was available by subscription only.

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