Scripps Doctor Explores Study That Links Aspirin to Lower Risk of Cancer

KUSI-TV News interviews Scripps Clinic surgeon Laura Goetz, MD

Laura Goetz, MD, of Scripps Clinic, San Diego,  interviewed on KUSI TV  offering  insights on a study linking daily low-dose aspirin to lower developing certain cancers.

KUSI-TV News interviewed Laura Goetz, MD, of Scripps Clinic about a recent study that showed people who take low-dose aspirin daily have a lower risk of developing some forms of cancer. Dr. Goetz explained important details about the study to help the public put the findings in proper context.

Led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, the study was published online March 3 in JAMA Oncology.

The original KUSI video, titled "Researchers Link Aspirin Use to Lower Risk of Some Cancers," is not available at this time.

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