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Scripps Cardiologist Discusses the 'New' Stethoscope on KPBS

Eric Topol, MD, uses pocket ultrasound device to examine patients' hearts

In another installment, “Paying Till It Hurts,” Scripps Health cardiologist, Dr. Eric Topol, was interviewed by NY Times writer Elisabeth Rosenthal.  Covering the topic of hand held heart ultrasound device that may reduce healthcare costs.

With 2016 marking the 200th anniversary of the creation of the stethoscope, Scripps Clinic cardiologist Eric Topol, MD, and Paddy Barrett, MD, argued in a recent article in the journal The Lancet that it’s time for physicians to consider using a more modern and accurate device for examining a patient’s heart.

Dr. Topol, who also directs the Scripps Translational Science Institute, appeared on a recent edition of KPBS Radio’s “Midday Edition” program to talk about pocket ultrasound devices that let doctors see the heart in real time rather than just listening to and interpreting the organ’s “lub-dub.”

Listen to the KPBS interview: The Stethoscope May Have Reached Retirement Age

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