Scripps Researchers Publish Results of Molecular Autopsy Study

Report published in JAMA medical journal

A mircrscopic DNA double helix

Report published in JAMA medical journal

Scientists with the Scripps Translational Science Institute recently published results from their Molecular Autopsy Study in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.

They reported finding likely or plausible causes for previously unexplained sudden deaths in 10 out of 25 cases reviewed as part of the ongoing clinical trial.

Numerous media outlets have reported on these initial results:

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Listen to the KPBS radio report: Genetic Testing Can Explain Some Sudden Deaths (But not All)

The ScienceDaily report, "Scientists Use 'Molecular Autopsies' to Find Clues to Sudden Death," is not available at this time.

Read the GenomeWeb article: Preliminary Results Show Some Promise for Scripps Exome Sequencing Molecular Autopsy Approach

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