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UCSF Website Features Scripps Pharmacist

Troy Drysdale discusses role at Scripps Memorial La Jolla

Troy Drysdale, a Scripps pharmacist, stands in the foreground of a hospital setting as part of a feature on the UCSF website.

Troy Drysdale discusses role at Scripps Memorial La Jolla

The website for the University of California San Francisco School of Pharmacy recently featured Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Pharmacy Manager Troy Drysdale.

The article about the 2008 alumnus was part of a series of reports by the school marking the 10-year anniversary of a student and faculty program to help low-income seniors afford their medications through the federal Medicare Part D drug benefit.

Drysdale was one of three student pharmacists who co-founded that outreach and education effort.

Read the UCSF article: Drysdale Sees Team-based Patient Care as Essential

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