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Ridesharing trend linked to more efficient use of ambulances

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Ridesharing services are helping to reduce ambulance usage.

Ridesharing trend linked to more efficient use of ambulances

Leon Moskatel, MD, of Scripps Mercy Hospital, was recently featured in an NBC Nightly News story on the growing number of patients using ridesharing services to get to medical appointments. Dr. Moskatel’s research on the subject suggests that ridesharing services are helping to ease the burden on ambulance services by reducing the number of calls for non-emergencies.


Dr. Moskatel emphasizes that patients who experience serious symptoms – for example, signs that are consistent with heart attack, stroke or severe bleeding – should call an ambulance, since time-sensitive care can often begin on the way to the hospital. But for those who don’t have a life-threatening emergency and don’t have a ride, a ridesharing service like Uber or Lyft may be fine.

Watch the news segment on NBC Nightly News: Rideshare services partner with hospitals to take patients in need to their appointments

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