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Magazine Covers New Liver Cancer Clinical Trial at Scripps MD Anderson

Study includes a unique drug that is derived from ocean algae

Dr. Darren Sigal gestures with his hands during an interview about his clinical trial on liver cancer.

Dr. Darren Sigal of Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center and Scripps Clinic

Study includes a unique drug that is derived from ocean algae

Conquest Magazine, which spotlights new cancer research and treatments, recently published an article about a unique liver cancer clinical trial at Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Led by Darren Sigal, MD, program director of gastrointestinal oncology at Scripps MD Anderson, the study includes the use of a new type of immune therapy derived from ocean algae. The new drug, currently called “ABX196,” is being used in combination with an existing cancer immunotherapy, Opdivo. Dr Sigal is also a researcher at Scripps Clinic.

Read the article in Conquest Magazine: Combating an Epidemic

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