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Union-Tribune Covers Unique Clinical Trial for Liver Cancer

Scripps MD Anderson first to use new drug for cancer care

Darren Sigal, MD, who led a unique immunotherapy clinical trial for liver cancer covered by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Dr. Darren Sigal of Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center and Scripps Clinic

Scripps MD Anderson first to use new drug for cancer care

The San Diego Union-Tribune covered an innovative clinical trial for liver cancer patients that launched earlier this year at Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center. Jim Toillion of La Jolla was the first cancer patient in the world to receive a drug called ABX196, which is designed to activate invariant Natural Killer T cells to attack tumor cells. There is a pressing need for new treatments for liver cancer, as the number of new diagnoses is growing in the U.S. and survival rates remain relatively low. The new clinical trial is being led by Darren Sigal, MD, director of gastrointestinal oncology at Scripps MD Anderson. Dr. Sigal is also a Scripps Clinic physician. More information on the trial is available by calling 858-554-5269.

Read the article in The San Diego Union-Tribune: Natural killers show early promise in Scripps Health trial

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