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New, Less-Invasive Hip Replacement Technique at Scripps Makes Headlines

Faster patient recoveries with ‘table-less anterior approach’

Headshot photo of Scripps orthopedic surgeon Dr. Anna Kulidjian.

Dr. Anna Kulidjian, Orthopedic Surgery, Scripps Clinic

Faster patient recoveries with ‘table-less anterior approach’

A recent breakthrough in hip replacement surgery at Scripps is generating news headlines. Scripps orthopedic surgeon Anna Kulidjian, MD, recently began performing a new minimally invasive hip replacement technique in which the surgery is performed from the front (anterior) side of the hip, eliminating the need to cut through major muscle groups to access the joint. The new approach used by Dr. Kulidjian is much gentler than previous techniques, leading to faster recoveries with less pain. It is available to virtually anyone needing a hip replacement.

Read the article in the La Jolla Light: Local doctor brings new hip replacement approach to La Jolla

Watch the KUSI News interview:

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