Eastlake Behavioral Health Hospital Approved by Chula Vista Planning Commission

Scripps Health and Acadia Healthcare to operate new 120-bed inpatient hospital

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Scripps Health and Acadia Healthcare to operate new 120-bed inpatient hospital

The Chula Vista Planning Commission today approved a new inpatient behavioral health hospital in the Eastlake community of Chula Vista. The Eastlake behavioral health hospital will be operated by a joint venture between Scripps Health and Acadia Healthcare. A joint management committee will help ensure quality and access to the new facility, which will provide 120 critically needed inpatient beds for acute care for patients with behavioral health conditions.

“The Eastlake hospital will contribute greatly to the well-being of Chula Vista and South County,” said Tom Gammiere, regional chief executive of Scripps Health southern region. “These additional 120 beds will help us get closer to meeting our community’s overwhelming need for behavioral health care.”

San Diego County falls far short of meeting the region’s need for inpatient behavioral health beds. According to the California Hospital Association, 50 inpatient beds are needed per 100,000 people to adequately serve the population. San Diego County needs approximately 1,650 beds to meet this need, but currently has only half that amount. With the additional 120 beds provided, the Eastlake hospital will help South County meet a significant amount of the need in that community.

Scripps selected Acadia Healthcare as its joint venture partner because they are a national leader in behavioral health care. As the largest stand-alone behavioral health care company in the nation, Acadia has the expertise needed to provide patients with the specialized care they need. 

The Eastlake behavioral health hospital will offer treatment for adults, adolescents and seniors. The facility’s design will allow each of these populations to be treated independently. Acadia is also proposing to include a specialty unit that focuses on behavioral health treatment for active-duty military and veterans.

“Acadia is proud to partner with Scripps to expand access to behavioral health care in this area of great need,” said Dwight Lacy, operational group president at Acadia Healthcare. “This hospital will be an important resource for Chula Vista and the surrounding communities to help those in need, including our families, friends, neighbors, and coworkers who are struggling with behavioral health conditions. This hospital will be part of the solution -- replacing stigma with hope and healing.”

The hospital is slated to open in 2025. For more information, visit www.EastlakeBehavioralHospitalFacts.com.

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