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Behavioral Health (Mental Health)

Expert care for mental and emotional health in San Diego

A young woman looking out a window represents how mental illness can disrupt your life.

Expert care for mental and emotional health in San Diego

Illnesses that disrupt one’s life are not always physical. Mental health and emotional health issues can severely affect relationships, jobs, family and life goals. Psychological disorders can be just as debilitating as physical disease. Behavioral health specialists can help.

Fortunately, medicine and medical science have made significant advances in understanding and treating behavioral health problems. Scripps Health offers inpatient behavioral health care for adults who are admitted to our hospitals through our emergency departments or urgent care centers. Outpatient behavioral health care is available through our partnerships with various organizations throughout the community.

About Scripps behavioral health

At Scripps, a highly qualified and skilled interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, social workers, case workers and an advanced practice nurse form the core of your behavioral health team. Together, these professionals assist patients who need care for disorders that affect cognitive and emotional behaviors.

Behavioral health services

Behavioral health services

Behavioral health support

Behavioral health support

Mental health support resources in your community

Online therapy and psychiatry appointments; accepts some insurance

Online therapy and psychiatry appointments; accepts some insurance

Mental health and substance use disorder services

  • National Suicide Hotline


  • San Diego Crises and Access Hotline


  • San Diego County Mental Health Services


  • Emergency Screening Unit (ESU) for Children and Youth

4309 Third Avenue, San Diego

619-876-4502 Fax: 619-876-4511

  • Information Line San Diego (Multiple San Diego Resources)

211 or 800-227-0997

  • Veterans Crisis Line

800-273-8255, press 1