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Behavioral Health Services in San Diego at Scripps Health

From alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation and treatment to a full complement of inpatient and outpatient care for patients with mental or emotional health challenges, the behavioral health professionals at Scripps Health in San Diego strive to meet the needs of families and the community.

Inpatient care

Sometimes, people suffering from acute psychiatric disorders are unable to live independently, or may even pose a danger to themselves or others. In such cases, hospitalization may be the most appropriate alternative. Scripps Behavioral Health offers inpatient care, which helps patients and their loved ones work through short-term crises, manage mental illness and resume their daily lives.

Learn more about our acute care inpatient program.

Outpatient care

Once patients are discharged from our behavioral health inpatient acute care program, management of these symptoms is necessary to help patients reintegrate into the community.

Scripps offers an intensive outpatient care program that addresses the severity of each patient’s symptoms. Treatment plans are personalized to each individual’s particular needs.

Additionally, we offer an intensive daytime outpatient program, where patients are able to attend several groups five days a week. Our experienced staff provides group, individual and family therapy, as well as medication and coordination of treatment.

We offer transportation to and from the program for most areas of the city.

Our adult outpatient treatment services include:

In addition, A-Visions Vocational Training Program is a unique program for patients who meet admission criteria.