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Scripps in the News | May 17, 2019

Doctors Sound Alarm About Dangers of Electric Scooters

Local physicians are weighing in on the dangers of electric scooters in San Diego, saying the number of scooter-related accidents were up.
    Scripps in the News | May 17, 2019

    New Liver Cancer Drug To Be Tested at Scripps MD Anderson

    Darren Sigal, MD, a hematologist and oncologist at Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, recently discussed a new liver cancer drug being tested at Scripps.
      Scripps in the News | May 14, 2019

      Scripps Cardiologist Says Meth-Related Heart Failure Cases On Rise In Region

      David Shaw, MD, a cardiologist, recently spoke to NBC 7 about findings in his research that shows methamphetamine-related heart failure cases are on the rise.
        Scripps in the News | May 9, 2019

        Scripps Orthopedic Surgeon Offers Tips to Alleviate Hip Pain

        Brian Rebolledo, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Scripps Clinic, offers tips on alleviating hip pain, including minimally invasive hip surgery.
          Scripps in the News | May 8, 2019

          Scripps Nurse, CEO Speak In Support of Bill To Fight Hospital Violence

          Scripps Mercy nurse supervisor Mary Prehoden recently spoke with 10 News in support of a state bill that aims to protect hospital workers against violence.
            Scripps in the News | May 7, 2019

            Scripps Skin Cancer Expert Discusses New Study on Sunscreen Absorption

            Hugh Greenway, a dermatologist at Scripps, was featured on CBS 8, discussing a study that found how chemicals in sunscreen get into the bloodstream.
              Scripps in the News | May 3, 2019

              Scripps Cancer Patient Able to Walk Again After Innovative Procedure

              10 News recently featured a bone cancer patient who nearly lost his ability to walk until a Scripps orthopedic surgeon operated on him using a new device.
                Scripps in the News | April 29, 2019

                Scripps Physicians Urge Public To Be Wary of Measles As Outbreaks Continue

                Scripps Clinic primary care physicians recently took to the airwaves to warn people to be wary of measles, how it can spread and who should be vaccinated.
                  Scripps in the News | April 26, 2019

                  Longtime Scripps Cardiologist John Carson Remembered

                  John C. Carson, a longtime Scripps cardiologist who passed away recently, remembered in a story in The San Diego Union-Tribune for his many achievements.
                    Scripps in the News | April 4, 2019

                    Scripps Encinitas Philanthropist To Be Recognized For History of Service

                    Sandy Marriott Bertha, a local philanthropist, was recently featured in the Del Mar Times for her international work and donations to Scripps Encinitas.