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Billing Estimates

Get a better understanding of your health care costs with a patient estimate

Get a better understanding of your health care costs with a patient estimate

Estimated medical costs help you understand the health insurance billing process. A billing estimate also provides price transparency, so you know about associated costs before receiving care. When your billing statement arrives, you’ll know exactly what your payment covers and how it relates to your health insurance plan. Whether you plan to pay through online bill payment or submit payment over the phone, always make sure you’re informed on estimated costs ahead of time.

Use MyScripps to get an estimate

We’ve made it easy to receive a patient estimate through our care cost estimator on MyScripps. Simply sign up or log in to use your insurance information on file and quickly find out your out-of-pocket costs for certain procedures or tests. All your finalized estimates are available to you in MyScripps.

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Get an estimate without a MyScripps account

Don’t have a MyScripps account but still want to find out your estimated costs for a medical procedure? Quickly get a guest billing estimate for certain services by clicking the button below. You will be able to email or print your guest estimate.

Get a guest estimate

Not seeing the estimate you’re looking for?

This tool can be used to estimate costs for frequently used hospital services. If you start an estimate but don’t see the outpatient visit, procedure or test you need, Scripps is here to help. We have support representatives standing by to get your questions answered in a timely manner and help you access your medical estimate. Call us at 858-927-7260

FAQs about billing estimates