San Diego Health Connect

Secure information sharing exchange for Scripps patients

Thank you for choosing Scripps Health for your care. Whether it’s an annual checkup or a trip to the emergency room, we want to ensure our care teams have the information they need to provide you and your family with the best possible care.

That’s why Scripps joined San Diego Health Connect — a secure health information exchange that allows Scripps to share your health information electronically with other participating hospitals, clinics and physician offices that are collectively providing your care.

If you are unfamiliar with San Diego Health Connect, you may have questions about how it works and what this means for you and your family.

Call 800-688-1338 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., to speak with a referral specialist who can answer questions that you might have about San Diego Health Connect.

What is a health information exchange?

A health information exchange allows a health care provider, like Scripps, to access your health information from another participating doctor or medical facility. This information can help care teams diagnose and treat patients faster, improve efficiency and reduce medical errors.

What is San Diego Health Connect?

San Diego Health Connect is a partnership of local health care providers aimed at using health information technology to improve the quality of care delivered to all San Diegans.

How does San Diego Health Connect work?

San Diego Health Connect provides local health care providers with instant access to electronic patient information from all participating sites. For example, when you visit a Scripps facility, your care team will be able to quickly and concisely retrieve your medical records from other participating medical facilities in the region.

What type of health information is available to share?

Information made available as part of San Diego Health Connect includes your laboratory and imaging results, medications, allergies, known drug reactions, diagnoses, procedures and immunization records. Having this information readily available can help your doctor make better-informed decisions about your care and treat you in a safer, more efficient manner.

Why would a doctor outside of Scripps need access to my records?

Doctors and care teams outside of Scripps would only need to access to your medical records through San Diego Health Connect if other providers are involved in your care.

How will San Diego Health Connect protect my privacy?

San Diego Health Connect and all participating health care providers are required to meet stringent standards to protect your privacy and the security of your health and personal information. San Diego Health Connect will only share your information upon request by your doctor or health care provider at a participating hospital or medical facility.

Do I have to participate?

Although we highly encourage your participation, it is not mandatory. This is an individual decision, and you may opt out at any time by calling 1- 800-688-1338.

What happens if I decide to opt out?

If you choose to opt out, San Diego Health Connect will not share your health information electronically. However, your medical records will still be available to your health care providers through more traditional methods — such as mail or fax — when appropriately requested.

In addition to Scripps, what other health care providers are participating?

Most health care organizations and facilities in San Diego County are using San Diego Health Connect to share patient health information. For a complete list of providers, visit

Is the information in San Diego Health Connect the same as MyScripps?

No. MyScripps is a snapshot of your medical record meant to help you stay informed regarding your health conditions and treatments, while San Diego Health Connect provides physicians and care teams with your complete medical record to ensure consistent treatment across multiple facilities.

Can I get a copy of my medical record?

You may obtain a copy of your Scripps medical record by contacting the Scripps Release of Information Center. For Scripps Clinic or Scripps Coastal Medical Center requests, please call 760-633-7175. For Scripps hospital requests, please call 760-633-7746. There may be a charge associated with obtaining copies of your record depending on the reason for the request.

Can I get a copy of the external records my doctor sees through San Diego Health Connect?

Each health care provider participating in San Diego Health Connect requires that you request copies of their records directly from their release of information or medical records department.

Can I exclude certain providers from accessing my information?

Once you opt in for San Diego Health Connect, we will share all of your available medical information. It is not possible to withhold information from certain providers.

Will my family or next of kin have access to my health information?

The information provided through San Diego Health Connect is only accessible to participating medical professionals involved in your care.

Can my spouse or other family member opt out on my behalf?

If your spouse or family member possesses a valid Power of Attorney or Designation of Personal Representative form, they may opt out of San Diego Health Connect on your behalf by completing a San Diego Health Connect opt-out form and providing the required information.

Can I find out who has accessed my records?

You cannot request a list of individuals who have accessed your records. However, any participating organization, including Scripps, can conduct an internal audit to ensure we are compliant with state and federal laws.

Can I exclude a visit from my shared clinical information?

No. Once you opt into San Diego Health Connect through Scripps, we will share all available medical information. It is not possible to withhold specific information from San Diego Health Connect, while also sharing other information.

How do I know if I’m participating in San Diego Health Connect?

To find out if you are participating in San Diego Health Connect, you can ask the front desk staff at any Scripps hospital or medical office. You can also call 1- 800-688-1338 to inquire about your San Diego Health Connect status.

What if an amendment has happened in my record at Scripps?

When a doctor requests your health information through San Diego Health Connect, he or she will receive the most up-to-date information. This includes any amendments made to your Scripps medical record.

Is the program violating the HIPPA Law?

No. Federal and State law recognizes the right of healthcare providers to share information in treating a patient. The exchange simply expedites the sharing of healthcare information in a secure and HIPAA compliant manner.

If I didn’t receive a letter am I still automatically opted in the program?

No. If you did not receive a letter, your participation in San Diego Health Connect will be addressed in person at your next visit.

What if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about San Diego Health Connect, please call 1- 800-688-1338.