Press Ganey Physician Ratings

Patient Satisfaction Scores

The stars you see on a physician’s profile page in the Doctor Finder on are based on patient experience. They are a sign of the high-quality care Scripps provides, and can be used as a guide to help you find a top-rated doctor.

What's the data source?

Scripps collects feedback from patients via patient satisfaction surveys administered by an independent patient satisfaction company, Press Ganey. For more than 25 years, Press Ganey has been the recognized leader in health care patient satisfaction. Press Ganey works with more than 10,000 health care organizations nationwide, including 50 percent of all U.S. hospitals, to improve clinical and business outcomes.

Who receives the surveys?

Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal Medical Center patients are randomly invited to participate in the patient satisfaction survey following a physician appointment or outpatient procedure. If you are selected, you will receive a survey within a few days after your appointment. The brief survey asks about specific aspects of your care and includes an opportunity to leave comments if you wish.

How does Scripps use the results?

The survey responses are shared with the physicians and management to evaluate how well we are providing care and to help us identify opportunities to improve the care we provide our patients. We also posting the survey ratings on the individual physician’s profile pages on to help our patients select a physician.

What do the ratings mean?

Patient ratings for each physician are averaged to create a star rating. Ratings range from one to five stars based on patient responses to the following ten survey questions:

  • Friendliness/courtesy of the care provider
  • Explanations the care provider gave you about your problem or condition
  • Concern the care provider showed for your questions or worries
  • Care provider’s efforts to include you in decisions about your treatment
  • Information the care provider gave you about medications (if any)
  • Instructions the care provider gave you about follow-up care (if any)
  • Degree to which care provider talked with you using words you could understand
  • Amount of time the care provider spent with you
  • Your confidence in this care provider
  • Likelihood of your recommending this care provider to others

Are star ratings posted for every physician?

No. The more ratings a physician receives, the greater the accuracy and reliability of the results. At least 30 ratings are required to post results. Additionally, physicians in Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal Medical Centers are surveyed through Press Ganey. Only these physicians will have a star rating.

Can anyone complete a survey?

No. Only patients having an outpatient or clinic visit with a Scripps Clinic or Scripps Coastal Medical Group physician will be invited to complete a survey.