Nurse Navigators

Supporting you through every phase of cancer care

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Supporting you through every phase of cancer care

When you, a family member or a friend is diagnosed with breast cancer, the feelings and emotions experienced can be overwhelming.

That’s why Scripps Health created its Oncology Nurse Navigator Program, with nurses trained and experienced in oncology (the study and treatment of cancer) to assist and support you through each phase of breast cancer care.

Your nurse navigator is there to provide education, help you gather information, foster strong communications between you and your medical team and ensure that you understand all tests, procedures and recommended course of cancer treatment.

Nurse navigators provide support and encouragement to you and your loved ones specifically by:

  • Providing education to understand your cancer diagnosis and treatment options on a deeper level.
  • Ensuring that you have the information you need to be empowered to make informed decisions and actively participate in your care.
  • Serving as a vital communications link among your physicians and other care providers on your team.
  • Addressing any questions, concerns and possible clinical issues until they are successfully resolved.
  • Acting as your advocate with the goal of helping you through your cancer journey into survivorship.