Radiation Therapy

Advanced radiation treatment in San Diego

Scripps Health in San Diego offers some of the most advanced radiation therapy treatment options.

Advanced radiation treatment in San Diego

Nearly two of every three cancer patients require radiation therapy as part of their cancer care. If you’ve been newly diagnosed with cancer or have a cancer recurrence, Scripps can help. Scripps provides a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care while offering the most advanced radiation therapy options of any other health care provider in California.

Recent patient satisfaction surveys from Press Ganey, an independent third party, are consistently above 97 percent, with the Scripps Radiation Therapy Center earning 99.2 percent in its most recent survey of patients.

Radiation therapy centers

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Radiation therapy centers

Scripps Health offers expert care at five comprehensive, leading-edge radiation therapy centers in San Diego County. Find a location near you.

About radiation therapy

About radiation therapy

Visiting patient services

Scripps Health  offers resources for patients traveling to San Diego to receive radiation oncology treatment.

Visiting patient services

Patients from the U.S. and abroad seek expert care from Scripps physicians who save lives daily in our world-class facilities. Learn more about Scripps services for visiting patients.

Support services

Scripps Health in San Diego offers support services to radiation therapy patients and their families.

Support services

From oncology nurse navigators at our award-winning hospitals to integrative medicine and physical rehabilitation, Scripps offers a wide range of support services for people diagnosed with cancer.

What is radiation therapy?

Radiation therapy uses invisible forms of high-energy such as X-rays, gamma rays and charged particles to eliminate tumors and cancer cells. Radiation is harnessed and targeted to damage the DNA of cancer cells — either directly or through the creation of charged particles known as free radicals that attack cancer cells.

The two main categories of radiation therapy are external-beam radiation therapy, in which doses are delivered through powerful, flexible and fast equipment outside the body, and internal radiation therapy, most commonly called brachytherapy, in which radioactive substances are either temporarily or permanently placed inside the body near a cancerous tumor.

Notably, intracoronary radiation therapy is a type of brachytherapy for treatment of a heart condition called in-stent restenosis.

A third type of radiation therapy known as systemic radiation therapy uses substances such as radioactive iodine that travel in the blood system to kill cancer cells.

Radiation therapy services at Scripps

At Scripps, we treat cancer through a team-based approach to give you every possible advantage, including the most appropriate type of radiation therapy when required for your specific condition. Since cancer can appear unexpectedly in many forms in nearly any part of the body, we provide an extensive range of radiation therapy technologies found only at top health systems in the U.S.

Every cancer is unique, based on stage, size and location, as well as a patient’s health and any previous history of the disease. Based on these variables and other factors considered by your cancer care team, an overall course of treatment recommendation may include one or a combination of the following: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and targeted systemic therapy.

Scripps physicians treat a host of cancers, including lung, breast, prostate, gastrointestinal, colorectal, lymphoma, leukemia, brain, spinal and gynecologic.

Expert radiation oncologists at Scripps

Scripps physicians are among the most accomplished in San Diego, with many specializing in cancer care. More than 70 Scripps physicians and Scripps-affiliated physicians provide cancer care, including more than 12 physicians who specialize in radiation oncology at Scripps radiation therapy centers. According to the California Health Foundation, Scripps treats more cancer patients than any other San Diego health care provider.

Scripps cancer specialists use the most advanced radiation therapies available in the world to treat cancers. Our powerful, fast and flexible radiation therapy equipment delivers precise, calculated doses, while minimizing damage to healthy tissues and organs.

Patients, their families and their loved ones can be confident knowing that Scripps offers more ways to treat cancer with radiation therapy than any other California health care provider.

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