We offer a full range of services to meet patients’ needs. All services are directed by each patient’s physician and coordinated by a Scripps case manager.

Our experienced staff members provide:

  • Specialty nursing care
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Diet and nutrition consultation
  • Home health aide assistance
  • Medical social services

Specialty nursing care

Our registered nurses offer special expertise in:

  • Cardiovascular care
  • Wound management
  • Diabetic care

Physical, occupational and speech therapy

  • Physical therapy: Knowledgeable physical therapists evaluate and treat patients with a variety of conditions. Personalized care plans may include an exercise program to improve range of motion, strength or balance. Family education is also offered to help patients achieve goals more quickly.
  • Occupational therapy: Our experienced occupational therapists may use perceptual training, exercise programs, home assessments and adaptive equipment to help people master daily activities and reach independent living goals. We treat people recovering from strokes and surgery, as well as people with orthopedic injuries and other medical conditions.
  • Speech therapy: Experienced speech-language pathologists help patients attain or regain speech-language skills. We treat people with aphasia, motor speech disorders, swallowing problems and cognitive impairments.

Diet and nutrition consultation

Registered dietitians offer consultation and education regarding diet and nutritional needs.

Home health aide assistance

Scripps home health aides assist patients with personal care — bathing and dressing, for example — while they recover at home. These services are supervised by licensed staff members and provided in conjunction with skilled nursing or rehabilitation services.

Medical social services

Scripps medical social workers provide patients and their families with support and education, assistance with long-term planning and access to community resources.

Please call 1- 800-522-1192 for more information about home health care services.