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Travel Medicine

Find a travel clinic in San Diego at Scripps Health

Whether you are taking a trip for business or personal reasons, the travel medicine services at Scripps Health are tailored to meet your individual travel needs with the goal of keeping you healthy during and after your trip.

Illness is not uncommon while traveling so preparation can be an effective method of prevention. Taking your destination and unique health history into consideration, our travel clinics can help you travel smart and stay well while away from home.

Services we provide may include:

  • Recommended and required immunizations to prevent illnesses, such as malaria, typhoid and yellow fever
  • Preventive medications for infectious diseases
  • Health information to reduce the risk of injury or illness while traveling abroad
  • The latest updates on safety and security precautions, and medical evacuation

All patients can benefit greatly from a pre-travel consultation, which should be scheduled at least one month prior to travel, if possible.


Travel medicine services are offered at the following Scripps Health locations in San Diego County: