Annual Report

2016 Scripps Health annual report

Staff and CVG at Fortune Celebration

2016 Scripps Health annual report

We have great people. In our exam rooms and hospitals and office buildings, we have more than 18,000 professionals, all of whom come to work each day ready and willing to give their all to save someone’s life or just make it a little bit better. And no matter what their role, they each contribute to the health and well-being of our patients and each other.


In the pages of this 2016 Annual Report, you’ll read about our efforts to become more efficient, to improve quality, to always become better at what we do. What’s important to remember is that behind these efforts are a lot of individuals – some you see and some you don’t – who work together as one Scripps family to bring care and compassion to their jobs and to you. They are the ones who drive our successes, our “miracles,” our accomplishments, initiatives, innovations, technology, growth and so much more.


This is how we bring our mission to life. This is how we ensure Scripps is here to take care of you now and for decades to come.

Excerpted from the 2016 Scripps Health Annual Report

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