Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Taking action to reduce our ecological footprint

Solar panels provide shade for cars while reducing the carbon footprint of Scripps hospitals and facilities.

Taking action to reduce our ecological footprint

Recognizing the need to lower greenhouse gas emissions and build an eco-friendly infrastructure, Scripps is taking major steps toward our goal of environmental sustainability — including implementing a standard recycling program, upgrading lighting and investing in solar power.

Sustainability efforts focus on eight key areas

Learn more about Scripps’ green initiatives in each area below.

Community partners

On our path to a more sustainable future, Scripps is proud to partner with many organizations that comply with our vendor policies and are helping us reach our sustainability objectives. 

Scripps Sustainability Council

Scripps recently established a Sustainability Council to help reach its sustainability goals. The council reviews Scripps’ operations, practices and construction, looking for new sustainability opportunities. The council will help track improvements, assess their positive impact on the environment, and determine their alignment with new and changing government regulations. It will also recommend new areas of focus each year to help Scripps further meet sustainability targets.

Members of the council represent multiple areas across Scripps, including ancillary services, biomed, employee health, energy, environmental health, environmental services, finance, food service, human resources, infection control, information services, safety, supply chain, surgery, transportation and operations.