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Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, Genesee Avenue

The exterior of the Ximed Building off I-5 and Genesee Avenue in La Jolla, home to Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, Genesee Avenue.
Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, Genesee Avenue
9850 Genesee Ave.
Suite 110
La Jolla, CA 92037
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    Mon - Fri: 8 am - 5 pm

Expert oncology treatment at our cancer center in La Jolla

Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, Genesee Avenue is located on the campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. This location provides specialized care for people living with cancer, including screening and prevention, and diagnostic services and treatments.

Information for patients and visitors

Our cancer care services are located on a busy medical campus off Interstate 5 freeway – one exit south of where it splits with Interstate 805 — in La Jolla. There are numerous hotels, office parks and shops nearby, including Westfield UTC. This location is also close to the bustling campus of the University of California, San Diego. Below you’ll find tips to make your visit as seamless as possible.

Directions and parking

You’ll find Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, Genesee Avenue in the Ximed Building, also known as the 9850 building, on the campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. The campus entrance is on Genesee Avenue, between I-5 and Campus Point Drive. Download and print our campus map. (PDF, 1 MB)

We offer paid parking in several locations throughout the campus: 

  • Underground Parking Structure A, located beneath the hospital (9888 building)
  • Parking Structures B, located next to Ximed Medical Center (9850 building) 
  • Parking Structure D, connected by bridge to Anderson Medical Pavilion (9898 building)

Scripps charges for parking after 30 minutes. We also offer valet parking for a flat fee (may be unavailable due to COVID). Our rates are as follows: 

  • First 30 minutes: Free
  • 31 minutes to 4 hours: $5 
  • 4 hours to all day: $10
  • Maximum per day: $10
  • Valet parking: $8 (may be unavailable due to COVID) - Valet service is located in the circular drive in front of Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla

Parking for disabled visitors, expectant mothers and clergy is free:

  • Visitors with disabilities can receive validation from a valet attendant
  • Expectant mothers can receive validation from the medical office they visit
  • Clergy can receive validation in the hospital’s administrative office

Parking fees must be paid using our self-pay kiosks. You can use any payment type (cash, debit card and credit card). Self-pay kiosks are conveniently located throughout the campus:

  • Outside Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla (9888 building), near the fountain 
  • Inside Parking Structure B, in the elevator lobby 
  • Inside Parking Structure D

If you prefer to pay with cash, an ATM is located on the lower level of Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla (near the elevators).