Top 5 Wellness Stories of 2012

Did you miss one?


Did you miss one?

The start of the New Year is a great time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and what more you can do to live a healthier, happier and more well-balanced life.

This past year, we covered nearly fifty topics, from how to erase sun damage to how to keep your mind sharp through exercise. What we learned from you—our readers—is that you love to cook, stay active and get the rest you need to stay healthy.

These were the five most popular stories in 2012:

1. How to Fight Insomnia without Medication
Before you reach for sleeping pills to help you snooze, try these three natural approaches to achieve restful, relaxing sleep.

2. Should You Go to the ER or Urgent Care?
When an emergency strikes, you know you need medical care fast. While the answer is not always simple, knowing the difference between seeking urgent care and emergency care could save your life.

3. The 6 Germiest Places at the Office
Thinking about grabbing a snack from the vending machine at the office? Before you do, find out which surfaces are the most common hot spots for germs and how to protect your health.

4. Top 5 Hikes in San Diego
Hiking offers an excellent way to enjoy nature while getting a full-body workout, so lace up your shoes and try these five popular hiking spots in San Diego.

5. Is Your Diet Damaging Your Brain?
Eating a healthy diet has been shown to improve energy levels and help maintain weight, but did you know eating the right foods could also keep your mind sharp and prevent stroke?

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