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Scripps Researcher Uses 3-D Printers to Assemble Cartilage

Dr. Darren D'Lima sits in front of two computer monitors in his lab.

Dr. Darryl D’Lima, who heads an orthopedic research lab at the Shiley Center for Orthopaedic Research and Education (SCORE) at Scripps Clinic, is working on using 3-D printers to assemble living tissue. There is much work to do to perfect the process, get regulatory approvals and conduct clinical trials, but Dr. D’Lima’s eventual goal is to have a printer in the operating room that could custom-print new cartilage directly in the body to repair or replace tissue that is missing because of injury or arthritis.

Read more about Dr. D’Lima’s research in the New York Times: Next Out of the Printer, Living Tissue

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