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Is There a Solution for Reoccurring Hernias Following Abdominal Surgery?

by Salvatore Pacella, MD MBA FACS

Scripps Health tip on options for hernias following abdominal surgery.

Hernias result from weakness in the central abdominal muscles, allowing the intestines to protrude through. Most of the time, this weakness is caused by an incision from a previous surgery. These hernias can vary in severity. In extreme cases, the skin may break down.

Incisional hernias are a very complex problem. Conventional repair methods have had high recurrence rates and can be unsuccessful. Fortunately, there are newer approaches to repairing incisional hernias. These involve muscle repositioning (i.e. abdominal component separation) to restore the anatomy of the abdominal wall to its original place. In addition, new “biologic mesh” can be used to reinforce the strength of the repair. In these cases, recurrence rates are very low.

This Scripps Health and Wellness tip was provided by Salvatore Pacella, MD, FACS, a cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Scripps Clinic in San Diego.