Entrepreneur Podcast Takes Deep Dive Into Scripps CEO's Book

Chris Van Gorder explains why he wrote "The Front-line Leader: Building a High Performance Organization from the Ground Up"

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Scripps Health President and CEO Chris Van Gorder recently talked with The Entrepreneurs Library podcast about the inspiration behind his new book, “The Front-line Leader,” and what leaders in all types of organizations can learn from it.

“You have to balance your caring for your people with strict accountability,” Van Gorder told podcast host Wade Danielson. “If you don’t hold people accountable you’re not going to be successful as an organization, and if you’re not successful as an organization you won’t be able to care for your people.”

The book on effective leadership is now available in bookstores and online.

Van Gorder will donate all sales from the book back to Scripps Health, which is a non-profit health system.

Listen to The Entrepreneurs Library podcast: A Look Inside “The Front-line Leader” with Chris Van Gorder

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