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Scripps Participates in National Depression Screening Day

Offering resources to support mental health needs in San Diego


In October 2014, Scripps again participated in National Depression Screening Day, an annual event to help people identify the signs of depression and provide resources to assist those at risk. In the past two years, Scripps has expanded the availability of the screenings by offering them at all five of our hospital campuses.

The depression screenings are open to adults of all ages on a walk-in-basis and include referrals to mental health professionals, as well as literature in both English and Spanish.

Scripps team members also shared information and resources about Covered California.

During the one-day screening events, Scripps staff spoke with more than 151 people and conducted 99 depression screening services.

Additionally, the Scripps Family Medicine Residency Program and the community benefit team at Scripps Mercy Hospital, Chula Vista are working together at Southwest High School to help teens who may not have access to mental health care or have health insurance. The program operates through the school’s clinic, which gives teens broader access to the help they need.

“Adolescence is a time of many social, emotional and developmental changes,” says Shaila Serpas, MD, assistant director of family practice at Scripps Mercy Hospital, Chula Vista. “One of the keys to our program is building relationships, through consistent and empathetic counsel, to help them learn coping skills and set goals that will make a positive impact on their lives — now and in the future.”