Scripps Cardiologist Weighs in on New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug

Dr. Douglas Triffon, MD, expained prescribing PCSK9 inhibitor


Just days after federal regulators approved a new kind of drug for lowering cholesterol, Scripps Clinic cardiologist Douglas Triffon, MD, appeared on KUSI TV’s morning news program to discuss the medication.

Dr. Triffon, who was one of the first physicians in San Diego to prescribe the PCSK9 inhibitor, explained how the new medication differs from older drugs such as statins.

He also reviewed results of clinical trials of the drug, known by the brand name Praluent, in a video report by the online health news outlet MedPage Today.

Watch the KUSI TV report: New Cholesterol Drug

Watch the MedPage Today video: What Do We Know in Terms of Data from Trials?

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