Scripps Doctors Deliver Advice for a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season

Primary care doctors at Scripps share ideas for merriment in moderation

Happy people playing in the snow for holidays

We recently asked Scripps primary care physicians to share their best tips for enjoying the holiday season while still maintaining your physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Whether it’s making veggie soup, getting a massage or skipping the occasional champagne toast, here are some simple ideas for enjoying the season’s indulgences with mindfulness.

Parinaz Abyari, MD

Scripps Coastal Medical Center, Oceanside

Parinaz Abyari, MD, is a family medicine physician. Dr. Abyari provides comprehensive primary care with special interests in women’s health, geriatric medicine and minor procedures.

“First, relax and enjoy the holiday season with your family. Avoid holiday weight gain with two simple tips: Count your bites, but never skip a meal and don’t overeat to please others.”

Isabel Cheon, MD

Scripps Clinic, Rancho Bernardo

Isabel Cheon, MD, is an internal medicine physician and provides comprehensive primary care. Dr. Cheon speaks Mandarin and believes in empowering her patients to take an active role in their health.

“The holidays are a busy time. Give yourself permission to say ‘no’ to things so you have time for what really matters to you.”

Carlos Quiros, MD

Scripps Coastal Medical Center, Eastlake

Carlos Quiros, MD, is a family medicine physician. Dr. Quiros has special interest in preventive medicine and treating high blood pressure, diabetes and performing minor office procedures. He speaks Spanish and French, as well as English.

“The holidays can be a time of happiness, but may be stressful for many people. It is important to maintain healthy habits, don’t overindulge, exercise and get enough rest. It’s OK to participate and celebrate, but be smart. For example, eat small portions of many foods and treats rather than fill a plate to overflowing. Or, if you know that you will over-indulge for dinner, eat light earlier that day and even the previous day and the day after. Going for a 15-minute walk after meals can help with digestion and burn off some of the excess calories. To avoid stress and getting overwhelmed, get plenty of rest, pace yourself and start planning early. Staying healthy, active and rested makes for a more enjoyable holiday season.”

Dana Vaccari, MD

Scripps Clinic, Torrey Pines

Dana Vaccari, MD, is an internal medicine physician. Dr. Vaccari emphasizes preventive care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Celebration in moderation is key to enjoying the holidays. Limit alcohol, and fatty and salty foods. Organize fun group activities around healthy activities that do not revolve around food, such as hiking and walking. Also, I recommend returning to your routine diet and exercise schedule between Thanksgiving and the December holidays.”

Angel Ochoa, DO

Scripps Coastal Medical Center, Escondido

Angel Ochoa, DO, is a family medicine physician and provides comprehensive primary care, with special interest in preventive medicine and musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Ochoa speaks Spanish and enjoys caring for the Spanish-speaking population.

“To stay healthy and stress-free for the holidays, add at least one healthy activity to your daily routine, whether that is going for a walk, making a vegetable soup or getting a massage. Small changes in your day-to-day habits and schedule can help balance out the extra fun enjoyed during the holiday season. Another tip is to have a plan regarding what and how much you plan to eat or drink before going to a party or event. Setting limits on what you plan to eat and drink can help prevent overindulging in calories and alcohol.”

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