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Engaged Couple Accepted to Scripps Family Medicine Residency Program

El Latino, UC news service cover their story

An engaged couple celebrate being accepted to the same Scripps family medicine residency program.

Miguel Alvarez-Estrada and Krystal Jimenez upon learning they were heading to Scripps.

El Latino, UC news service cover their story

Krystal Jimenez and Miguel Alvarez-Estrada, who are to be married in May, were overjoyed recently when they learned they would be together during their years-long medical residency at the Scripps Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program. The program is based at Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista.

The University of California Irvine medical students' story was captured in a University of California news service article, and in El Latino, a Spanish-language newspaper based in Chula Vista.

Read their story in UCI News: A Perfect Match.

Read their story in El Latino (Spanish): Contribuir a su comunida, meta de pareja de estudiantes latinos que entreneran en Scripps Chula Vista. (Contributing to their community, goal of Latino student couple who will train at Scripps Chula Vista).

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