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Scripps Neurologist Discusses Medical Advances Helping Stroke Patients

Mary Kalafut, MD, tells U-T study findings are significant

Advanced imaging is helping patients recover from massive strokes

Blood profusion imaging from the DEFUSE 3 clinical trial. Provided by The New England Journal of Medicine.

Mary Kalafut, MD, tells U-T study findings are significant

Mary Kalafut, MD, a Scripps Clinic neurologist, was recently featured in an article published by The San Diego Union-Tribune about new research that has extended the treatment window for stroke patients.

The article was based on a report in the New England Journal of Medicine that found advances in brain imaging had extended the time frame for surgeons to safely remove stroke-causing clots beyond six hours after the start of symptoms.

Read the story in The San Diego Union-Tribune: Trial results signal big shift for stroke care

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